Virtual Analysis toolkit

Virtual Analysis toolkit

Virtual Analysis toolkitVirtual Analysis toolkit

Beyond seeing... it's all about UNDERSTANDING

Take all the expertise, plans, designs and inputs from your teams involved in your project... and then place them in a Virtual Reality, AAA GAME Engine. sing all the features IN SESSION, all the STAKEHOLDERS are able to immerse themselves within it.  so that a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of the implications of STAKEHOLDER Sign-ffs can be analysed for the WHOLE LIFE CYCLE of your asset.


Integrating the best from BIM Modelling, IFC standards and other Digital Engineering tools... we will  take your model and allow you to see it within an environment with Physics Based Rendering, Spatial Fidelity, Real World GPS Positional Sunlight Simulations, and much more.


At each stage of design, use the AAA GAME ENGINE ability to populate the asset with NON PLAYER CHARACTERS (NPC's), i.e. Ai programmed people who can show you possible scenarios as they walk around, or run/climb through your designs.  Simulate emergency situations and see design considerations for EMS risk mitigations.  Bring in the local EMS services to watch a fire or lockdown simulation, and gain real world insights to enhance safety and duty of care concerns.


Go beyond just viewing your project on paper, or lovely pictures on non-interactive flythroughs. GET INTO your project, and Live  in it!  STAKEHOLDERS will bring their vast resources of knowledge, experiences, and instincts to the fore and ensure that beyond a good design, the project will meet the OUTCOMES desired from the WHOLE  LIFE of the asset.

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Read some of the leaders in the Digital Engineering Field, including Jagged Studios Founder, David Morgan, as they analyse the benefits and future reliance on cutting edge technological innovations in the AEC field.


Multi-Concurrent USERS and more...

The ability to have multiple-concurrent users log in together for a VR session from any location is a key feature PURPOSEFULLY designed for STAKEHOLDERS involvement in large scale Project Management. Have all your key people, regardless of their location, simultaneously explore your project in full VR immersion, and record for analysis for easy in-project  discussions.


Discover the freedom from the limitation of TRAVEL for easy organisation of key STAKEHOLDER meetings.  If your designer is in Singapore, your fitout specialist in France, onsite  engineers and your CEO at HQ in Australia... no problems, log in, and jointly analyse, decide, design and Sign Off key aspects of your AEC projects.


Built into the system are other features to facilitate STAKEHOLDER interactions and increase the value of every digital asset during the process.  There  is the ability to take SCREENSHOTS as well as  RECORD VIDEO and AUDIO of the session.   


During in session you are able to send video with audio commentary on various aspects of your project as SEEN FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW,to team members, which in turn helps reduce the instances of miscommunication and lost time in ensuring key points are understood across multi-disciplinary teams.  


In addition,  you have the ability to TAG IFC objects being seen and discussed in session. Post VATK sessions, everyone in your team will have your comments HYPERLINKED with a list of IFC tags allowing team members to bring up the model in VR and TELEPORT straight to the item/area discussed, or review the exact detail within a BIM model.


Hide/Unhide layers of the BIM model to allow for specific visual discussions.  For example: view your project with/without your furniture fit-outs, or hide lights to see the simulated project with sunlight only.


Upon closing your session, a file for that session is created that stores each attendees, Screenshots, Video /Audio files, IFC TAGs, and session details for easy inter team distribution, communication and project information documentation.


Unleash the full expertise and knowledge of your STAKEHOLDERS and allow them to fully understand all aspects of your project, easily and accurately by using the VATK service.

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GAMIFICATION is more than a catch phrase, it's becoming a digital engineering core requirement.  Read some industry leaders discussing the benefits of the early stages of GAMIFICATION, and understand why we chose a AAA Game engine to create a powerful tool for the AEC market.