Virtual Analysis toolkit

Virtual Analysis toolkit

Virtual Analysis toolkitVirtual Analysis toolkit

About Us

Founder - David Morgan

David's 30 years of experience in advising and leading Stakeholders in large scale projects through the areas of risk, strategy, delivery, operations and troubleshooting, has led David to be a highly experienced leader at the director/executive level. Superior stakeholder management skills enable clear comprehension of the most difficult challenges and the actions being taken to resolve them.  


The inspiration for VATK and its features has come from his experience and leadership with Stakeholders on projects from $15m to recent $15bn large scale infrastructure projects.  David formed the company to develop a STAKEHOLDER focused solution that allows complex information/team silos to combine and be presented in a meaningful and empower way through the LATEST VR and Software innovations.


You will discover in using VATK that David's career exposure to all aspects of business process, process re-engineering, change management as well as the digital engineering and project management, delivers a solution that unlocks the full value that STAKEHOLDERS brings to large scale projects.


Recently David has focused on Senior Lead Project Management Roles in billion dollar projects, and specifically incorporating the latest international DIGITAL Project and Engineering tools to ensure the highest project deliverables, increased ROI for investment monies and risk reduction in all aspects of the LIFE of the asset.  This is evident in the way VATK delivers the ability to immerse, analyse and share complex large scale projects.