Virtual Analysis toolkit

Virtual Analysis toolkit

Virtual Analysis toolkitVirtual Analysis toolkit

VATK Feature Videos

VATK Introduction

Enjoy a full tour of the capabilities and features with footage recorded from a LIVE VATK session.  Discover the future of large scale AEC collaboration and project management.


VATK Session Recording & IFC Tagging

A look at the Recording feature of VATK, allowing users to record whole or sections of a session for post session analysis, distribution and next generation record keeping. 

IFC Tagging is a feature that STAKEHOLDERS and team leaders can use in session to ensure a comprehensive list of specific engineering items in the model, for clear and precise referencing for future analysis and record keeping.  Post session a file is created listing all IFC objects tagged.  These items can be used to teleport to in any future VATK session, as well as precise communications back to the design/engineering team.


VATK Online Multi-User

Bring all your team together, regardless of location, as you join a VATK session to explore your Project in VR..  Utilise all the tools we have created to have efficient, effective and precise discussions as you are IMMERSED within your project.  

Use all stages of your project and ensure your collaboration is clear, concise, recorded and effective for your project outcomes.

Thank you for watching

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us.  If you would like a demonstration of VATK click on the button below and let us know who you are.  We will contact you and work with you so you can experience it for yourself.